Snapsacks: Showcase Your Inner Geek Wherever You Go

I’m the type of person who feels the need to wear or bring something geeky with her everyday. On my personal blog, all of my outfit posts have at least one geeky thing about them and as such, I am incredibly happy to have found a store that offers something geeky that I can actually bring with me every single day: Snapsacks.

The best part? All of Snapsacks‘ backpacks are ultra super cute!!! My favorite is this adorable Pikachu one:

Snapsacks Pikachu 1

Pikachu happens to be my favorite Pokemon.

Snapsacks‘ backpacks are perfect for people on the go because their straps are comfortable and the backpacks themselves are roomy enough to fit in anything you might need to bring with you, including your laptop (my Macbook Air fits in it!).

In fact, they’re so roomy, you can take them with you on day trips or other short trips where you don’t plan on bringing too many clothes. They are roomy enough for summer clothes, bikinis and even a pair of shoes – tried and tested!

Snapsacks Deadpool 2

And as you can see, you don’t have to worry too much if you’re a dude. Snapsacks doesn’t just have “cute” designs for you to choose from; they’ve also got cool designs like the Deadpool design seen here.

Snapsacks Deadpool 1

Kids will love taking Snapsacks backpacks around with them, too! My daughter, for example, can’t get enough of this Darth Vader backpack. She may be dressed like a lil ballerina lady, but she lets her geekiness for Star Wars shine by carrying around her Snapsacks bag.

Snapsacks Darth Vader 1

And, since they are roomy, they are the perfect size for school books, too. Just don’t overload the backpack with books if your kids are still on the younger side, though. You don’t want to break their backs, after all. :p

Snapsacks Darth Vader 2

Another great thing that I love about Snapsacks is their attention to detail. If you look back on the Deadpool backpack, it has katana marks on them and if you check out the picture of the Pikachu backpack below… look! It has a tail!!!

Snapsacks Pikachu 2

I have mad love for this brand – I have to say! Make sure to always check back on Snapsacks’ social media accounts because they always come up with new designs. Conversely, you can also submit your own design to them and find out if they can make your dream backpack come to life!

The fun doesn’t end there! We are giving away two backpacks courtesy of Snapsacks right here: one Red Baymax backpack and one Toothless backpack as seen in the picture below!

Snapsacks Red Baymax Toothless Dragon

To join, just fill up this Rafflecopter form:

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Good luck! 😀



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