Sebay Surf Central: The Premier Surf Resort in the North

Not quite a stranger to the little towns of the Ilocos region, I’ve passed the San Juan coastline for more times than I can recall. Movies like Point Break, Endless Summer, and Blue Crush are only a few that had me dreaming of the stoke. But, it was only a couple of years ago that I found myself riding the waves in one the best surf spots up north. And as with all heavily flocked destinations with a handful of lodging options, there’s always one that hits the spot. In this case, it’s Sebay Surf Central.

Sebay Surf Central: The Premier Surf Resort in the North

Sebay Surf Central

Sebay Surf Central is a cozy, Filipino-inspired, local resort along MacArthur highway, one of the first few establishments to host accommodations in the area. Three words: Homey, lenient, and adequate. Surfing doesn’t require you to check in a 5-star resort. Who needs that when you’ll be out in the sun the whole day? What you need is a cozy place hosted by locals that have a native flair — family oriented, hospitable, and permissive, which gives you an initial taste of  the surf culture.

Sebay Surf Central

Known as the Premier Surf Resort in the North, the family-run resort was established in the year 1993 and  was originally known as the entry point to the famous surf spot of La Union. Fun Fact: The term “Sebay” was coined from the surname of its owner, Atty. Rodolfo V. Yabes, in reverse — This sheds light in the common misconception of pronouncing it “Sea-bay” instead of the proper “Seh-bai”.


Sebay Surf Central

Upon entering the property, you’ll immediately feel the warm, homey vibe. The rooms are fresh and sufficient with space. The bathrooms do need a tiny bit of improvement but overall, it’s comfortable for a budget-friendly deal. There’s a beachside restaurant that offers the only breakfast buffet among the resorts in the vicinity. There’s also a grocery store near the entrance for other immediate needs. Saturdays are always fun with their live DJ from 3PM-12M. Music can be heard up to the beach so you can listen to the latest tunes while surfing and/or watching the famed  San Juan sunset.

Sebay Surf Central

Sebay Surf Central

Of course, a resort in San Juan wouldn’t be complete without Surf Lessons. Badz Surf School is an arms length away. You can find them just by the steps leading to the beach. In partnership with the resort, its main man Badz accomodates the guests along with other aspiring surfers. If you’re new to the local surf scene, read this article to get an idea.


It aims to be the leading resort that offers accommodations that fit the lifestyle, interest and budget of people that love to travel and enjoy the sport. It wishes to provide quality service and experience that exceeds guests’ expectations, building customer loyalty and favour.


What are you waiting for? Get a taste of the laid back lifestyle, and enjoy a weekend of surf and good vibes at Sebay Surf Central!


Brgy. Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union, 2514 Philippines



Facebook: Sebay Surf Central

Instagram: sebaysurfcentral

Telephone: (+6372) 888 4075

Mobile: +639176401118 | +63910-739-5698

Badz Surf School

Facebook: Badz Surf School


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