The Project 420 Party

First of all, let me give you some understanding about what “420” means. You may be wondering why many people greet each other “Happy 420” on Facebook walls and on Twitter last Saturday, which happens to be of course April 20th. The 420 culture came from North America which pertains to consuming Cannabis or in modern terms Weed. This became very popular in North America that most kids in the US gather and celebrate every April 20th and consume Cannabis.

But don’t get the wrong idea about 420 party. More often than not it is now being celebrated mainly just to party and have fun and get HIGH, but in a good way.

When in Manila,  we sure celebrate 420 as well. And it’s usually with people just mainly having fun with booze and music. Like the 420 Party held last Saturday at the Montecillo de Leonardo in Tanauan, Batangas.




Have you watched the movie PROJECT X? It’s about three high school nerds named Costa, J.B and Thomas who got very popular because Costa and J.B threw a party for their friend Thomas. They advertise the party to the whole school and also invited the most hottest girl. The scene of the Project 420 party is very much similar to the movie.

They even provided the same red papercups!!




Tickets at 499 and 999 (with room accommodations) – with UNLIMITED Booze. Kids get to choose to camp or avail a room. Whatever suits their taste.


The organizers of the 420 party

We have great DJ’s who played during the event like DJ Carl and Slick Rix. Bands like Engkanto Reggae and a lot more.






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