Vivere Salon: How to Look Good in Manila

Being a guy, I never really knew much about hairstyles, salons, hair services, and all that other hairy stuff. All I know is that I go to the barber and sit down. They do the rest. Sometimes I like the results; sometimes I don’t.

Thankfully, I had my friend Bea Chua, who invited me, and Hannah of to try out their luxury hair services at Vivere Salon!

We checked out the Vivere Salon at Robinsons Place Ermita. You can tell from the looks of the salon alone that the people at Vivere Salon know what they’re doing!

Vivere Salon: Live it up by looking good!

Vivere Salon is what’s happening in hair and makeup today. Vivere is known for precision cutting, styling and makeup, color and texture – these are their specialties. Geared towards fashion-savvy clients, Vivere Salon is a chain of full-service salons located at major sites in the Metropolis.

Vivere Salon offers clients top of the line services in styling and makeup along with the relaxing ambiance of its salon minimalist interiors inspired by the best in Asia and Europe. Bring life to your classic, everyday or formal beauty with the Vivere edge when you need it, when you want it!

What I really enjoyed about the experience at Vivere Salon is how they gave me a back massage while my hair was getting colored and also a head massage while I was being shampooed. I’m no diva, but they definitely seem to treat everyone like one.. SNAP SNAP!

Hannah LOVES her new hair and can’t stop talking about it. She complimented her Vivere Salon stylist, the assistants, the venue, and even the comfy chairs. If anything, I’d take her word for it.


Well… I’m still a guy, so I can’t really tell you any in-depth info on whether or not they followed proper protocol for hair cutting and if I indeed got the best style for the odd shape of my head or anything like that. All I know is that I really like my new haircut.

I did ask them to fix up my face, as well; but unfortunately, they said that they can only take care of my hair…. and I’m happy with the results of that. Thanks, Vivere Salon!

Now that we’ve experienced the luxury type of haircuts at Vivere Salon, I don’t think I could ever go back to the regular barber Joe’s. With that said, and Vivere Salon have partnered up to give you guys the best hair that your face can withstand! Do follow on Twitter – @WhenInManila to win cool makeovers from Vivere Salon!!!

So remember, When in Manila, you can’t mess around with them raggedy haircutting people. Only mess with the best! Get your hair services done at Vivere Salon! Oh, and special thanks to my stylist (Peng Guevarra) and Hannah’s stylist (Leo Antifino). Also, many thanks to Bea Chua for inviting us!

Vivere Salon



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