Los Angeles (LA) Lakers Player Introductions: Kobe Bryant vs Atlanta Hawks

Ok, so this is isn’t really something you do in the Philippines… lol. But I recently just went to California to visit my good friends there and watched a Lakers game while I was there. I know that basketball is pretty much the national sport of the Philippines and sooooo many Filipinos would love to watch a game live in the States, so I figured why not share my NBA experience with you all?


Los Angeles Lakers (LAL) introductions at Staples Center in LA. Kobe Bryant scores 41 points this night againts the Atlanta Hawks. Totally got to see all my favorite stars, of course Kobe, then Ron Atest, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom, Phil Jackson, Mike Bibby, Joe Johnson and more!

Staples Center Los Angeles California USA WhenInManila.com Filipino in the U.S.A.

Tickets to the LA Lakers Atlanta Hawks game when in manila visits California

Vince excited to be at the Staples Center to watch the Laker game When in Manila becomes When In California wheninmanila.com

Lakers showtime is about to begin Philippines loves basketball wheninmanila.com

Kobe Bryant 24 shooting some warm-up shots before the Lakers Hawks game when in manila was there to see it

Laker Girls in different outfit WhenInManila.com having fun in LA

Kobe Bryant at the freethrow line wheninmanila.com

Ron Artest going up for a layup wheninmanila.com

Staples Center at night home of the LA Lakers wheninmanila.com

So next time, When In Manila California, check out an NBA basketball game to pay respects to the Philippines’ national game! (OK, it’s not the national sport but I swear this country is basketball crazy… lol)

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