Block Haul Geek Lab: Monthly Surprise Box for Filipino Geeks


Whether it’s make-up, jewelry, or nerdy little trinkets, the concept of monthly surprise boxes has been picking up in recent years. Most of these services are unavailable in the Philippines, though, which gave Block Haul the perfect opportunity to provide Filipino geeks with a little monthly pick-me-up.

Block Haul is owned by six people—Ace Valiente, Mond Denaque, Rez Viloria, Tristan Lim, Nel Genecela, Mark Valiente—who spent their free times playing video games or watching movies. In time, they came to know of companies such as Loot Crate and Nerd Block who supplied subscribers with monthly boxes full of geeky goodies.


The Block Haul box I received is a sample box containing items from different issues: First Box, Heroes Box, and Villains Box. Mine contained a Venom t-shirt, a plushie of Toothless the dragon from the movie How to Train Your Dragon, a bookmark and pen from Hodgepodge, two key chains, and the first issue of Sonic Boom; the perfect mix for any comic, anime, and cartoon fan! The box costs Php1, 500 with an additional Php150 for shipping.

The monthly surprise box concept is something that hasn’t gained much traction in the Philippines, but with products like this—one-of-a-kind and downright adorable—it is sure to catch the attention of enthusiasts all over the country.


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