BLMP: The Ultimate Couch for Your Next Getaway!

When I watch Disney movies, I lounge in my couch. For more serious series binge-watching, I stay in my bed to conserve energy. However, there are also days when I’m outside and my inner couch potato calls me to hang at home instead of with my friends. To this, I’d always comply and send back a telepathic message to my dear talking couch that I’ll be home soon. It seems that my career calling as a couch potato is near irresistible. Just kidding! I’d never trade hanging out with a friend for hanging out on a couch… except when it’s the BLMP couch, that is.
BLMP The ultimate couch for your next getaway (5)The BLMP (pronounced blimp) pouch carries your best companion on lazy days!

The BLMP is a portable air couch/sofa/hammock/bed in one made for situations when you just want to relax and chill anywhere. Hence, it’s the ultimate relaxation gear!

BLMP The ultimate couch for your next getaway (6)When deflated, a BLMP only weighs around 1.44kg, and is only 15x35cm.

Instructions on how to set it up were pretty simple. Just open it, scoop up air however you can, roll it up and then lock it. No pump needed! In my case, I tried swinging the bag to catch as much air as I could, but failed to plump it up to its full size during my first few attempts.

Physically, I felt like I was such a weakling, so I had to get more resourceful and the easiest way was to use an electric fan. Brains trump brawns! Hehe. A full BLMP keeps air for 1-3 hours depending on how much dessert you’ve had. Just reinflate it when you feel your bottom touching the ground.

BLMP The ultimate couch for your next getaway (2)Air couch potatoes

It’s large enough to be a bed, so if your spirit animal is a koala, then you need this. You could also be the hero of your squad as it can seat up to 3 adult-sized bodies. I’m definitely riding it up to the UP Fair and other festivals. Just imagine the countless relaxation possibilities and the potential of meeting other koalas. 😉

Its water-resistant feature also allows for chilling at beaches or in swimming pools. Try riding it in the pool and feel as if you’re floating and drifting on air.

BLMP The ultimate couch for your next getaway (3)

BLMP The ultimate couch for your next getaway (8)The air couch on water

Planning a nature trip? This will spare your outfits from icky wet grass.

BLMP The ultimate couch for your next getaway (1)

BLMP The ultimate couch for your next getaway (7)Feel like a hotdog asleep in soft and fat hotdog buns

Take your pick among fun candy colors that best suits your personality or your chosen adventure: Beachin’ Blue, Party Pink, Picnic Purple, Roadtrip Red, Stargazing Black, Festival Fluo, and Camping Green.

So, if you’re planning your next outdoor getaway and you feel like you’re missing something in the relaxation department, the BLMP just might be it.



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Credits to the koalas in the photos who found it too easy to chill:  @enzojolo,  @highwithchasa, @jodelalo, and @kimpagunaling