BLIMS Fine Furniture in Glorietta: What Made The People Stop and Stare?



The holidays are over and it’s making all of us sad!

As the busiest and most festive time of the year comes to an end, we’re sure people are back to their busy, normal lives. Christmas wish lists and shopping sprees are all ticked out while decors and lights are placed back to the boxes. It’s time to go back to reality! But before we do that, let me tell you something about the previous stint of BLIMS last December that proved they can make the people stop and stare at the unique scene playing right before their eyes.

The Pasig Catholic College- Center for Culture and the Arts’ teen actors—YannaEloize Santos, Jaryl Sandoval, Yghann Gutierrez and Maria Alyssa Adajar gamely portrayed a scene in the window display of BLIMS Fine Furniture store in Glorietta, treating all mallgoers and passersby to an interesting sight.  The scene showcased actors relaxing and bonding together in a space purposely designed to look like a condo unit. The theme of the story, “SMALL SPACES, BIG GATHERINGS” shows how BLIMS’ functional, condo-fit pieces (such as a desk that can be turned into a 2-seater dining, a storage ottoman, sofa bed and a center table with hidden storage) prove to be useful in a small home.

Some people passed by, some paused to catch a glimpse of what’s happening while some even took a photo or video to capture the scene. Surely, it was not an ordinary day for many. It’s one thing to see a furniture display in the window of a store, but the live model was a first of its kind.

Hoping there’s more of this instore in the future!

Check out their video here: