Blake Lively Just Trolled Ryan Reynolds For His Christmas Cookies on Instagram

We absolutely love Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds together. We’re not entirely sure what goes on in the Lively-Reynolds household, but we’re certain that life is never boring between the two.

As part of an ongoing thing where the husband and wife laugh at (and with!) each other on social media, once again, Blake Lively took the holidays as a chance to troll her funny husband once more… all in the spirit of Christmas.

Aside from being an actress and a mom, we know that Blake is pretty savvy when it comes to baking and crafts, like a millennial Martha Stewart. Unfortunately, while her husband is gorgeous, funny and a talented actor, he doesn’t quite share her skills in the baking department. So when the Deadpool star tried his hand at cookies, well… you could pretty much expect what happened next.

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