Blackpink to Release New Music Video for ‘Lovesick Girls’ After Widespread Backlash

Korean girl group BLACKPINK is releasing a new version of their music video for their latest single, “Lovesick Girls,” following the widespread backlash on a particular scene.


BLACKPINK trended online over the weekend last week when they finally premiered their new album which included previously released hits “How You Like That?” and “Ice Cream.” And although their stunning and emotional video for “Lovesick Girls” was initially well-received, it seems that certain people, particularly the Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union (KHMU), found offense with the way member Jennie wore a nurse outfit, claiming that the group was “sexualizing” medical professionals.

“[The costume is] far from realistic nurse attire consisting of a hair cap, tight and short skirt, and high heels,” the KHMU said.

YG Entertainment, the group’s label, “ultimately decided to delete all scenes” depicting Jennie in that outfit, as stated in an official announcement on Wednesday, October 7.

jennie blackpink lovesick girls nurse

“We will take this opportunity to deeply reflect on the heavy responsibilities laid out before us through this issue, caused due to the fact that we were unable to predict the rise of such a controversy within the length of the MV’s production as there was no external intention whatsoever,” YG Entertainment said.

“We deliver our sincerest feelings of respect toward all healthcare workers devoting themselves to the wellbeing of our nation. Thank you.”

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