Blackpink’s Rosè Learns About Andrea Brillantes’ Breakup and This Is Her Reaction

Last March 2023, Andrea Brillantes went viral on social media after the Kapamilya actress’ Star Magic Ball promposal to her then-boyfriend Ricci Rivero was read onstage by the girls of Blackpink during their Manila concert at the Philippine Arena. “Please go to prom with that girl!” Rosè said at the time.

Fast forward to nearly five months later, Andrea felt that it was only right that Blackpink was informed of her current relationship status.

andrea brillantes promposal header

In an Instagram live stream in celebration of the K-pop girl group’s seventh anniversary, Rosè was asking viewers about their memorable moments as BLINKs when suddenly Andrea popped in the chat to talk about her noticed promposal.

“My fave memory was when you noticed me for my promposal,” she said.

Andrea’s answer was then read aloud on the stream by Rosè. “Oh, was that you? I think it was somewhere in Southeast Asia. I don’t remember [where it was], but I do remember [your promposal], I do,” Rosè said. “We’ve never done that before so we were like, ‘Oh my god, yay!'”

It was then that Andrea updated the K-pop idol: “We broke up now.”

Rosè was visibly taken aback by the news, her mouth dropping in shock before she started laughing. “[You] broke up now? No… I’ll pretend I didn’t see that!”

But Andrea assured her that she was much happier now, earning a thumbs up from Rosé. “I’m happy that you’re happy,” she said genuinely.

Andrea had also recently been noticed by American singer Sabrina Carpenter during her Manila concert last July when she was asked on the spot about the personal challenges she’s been facing.

“Oh, it’s a guy?” Sabrina joked. “No sh*t, it’s always a guy–I’m kidding, I’m kidding.” But when the crowd yelled back that it was, Sabrina said, “Say, what? You ALL know this guy?” She then asked if the “guy” was here and when the audience said “no,” she just said, “Well, he doesn’t have taste.”

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Breakup rumors between Andrea and Ricci started to spread in May with speculations of a third-party involvement. Ricci officially confirmed the news of their separation on June 9 on his Twitter account, denying cheating allegations.

“I own up to the mistake of not making my relationship status public because I felt there’s no need to add up to what [we’re] going through. Please respect our decision to keep it to ourselves so that we can preserve [what’s] left of our friendship,” he wrote.

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Ricci and Andrea became an official couple in April 2022, after Ricci publicly asked Andrea to become his girlfriend at his UAAP basketball game.

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