Blackmail email about your hacked secret password ‘sextortion’ scam

bigstock Warning Of Scam

Apparently, there is an ongoing blackmail email scam that is sent out to several addresses simultaneously. If you have received this email or something similar, the sender will tell you that they know your password (which may be old passwords obtained from old breaches online) and they will send you threats in exchange for money.

A copy of the said blackmail email was forwarded to us and it goes like this. We have redacted some personal information for security purposes.

“PASSWORD” is your secret password now I won’t beat around the bush. You don’t know me but I know you and you are most likely thinking why you are getting this e mail, correct?

I actually installed malware on porn videos (porno) & guess what, you accessed this sex website to experience fun (you get my drift). While you were watching video clips, your internet browser started out working as a RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) having a key logger which allowed me access to your display screen and also your webcam controls. Immediately after that, my software collected every one of your contacts from social networks, and mailbox.

Exactly what have I done?
It’s just your bad luck that I got to know about your blunder. After that I gave in more days than I probably should’ve investigating into your personal life and created a split screen videotape. 1st half shows the video you were viewing and second half displays the recording from your cam (its someone doing nasty things). Genuinely, I am ready to destroy exactly about you and let you get on with your regular life. And I am about to give you two options that may achieve it. These two choices are either to disregard this e mail (not recommended), or pay me $ 2200 to finish this chapter for life.

What can you do?
Let us explore those two options in more details. Alternative one is to turn a blind eye to this email. Let me tell you what is going to happen if you take this option. I will definitely send out your sextape to all of your contacts including close relatives, co-workers, etc. It won’t shield you from the humiliation your self will feel when family and friends uncover your dirty videotape in their inbox. Wise Option is to send me $ 2200. We’ll call it my “confidentiality charges”. Lets see what will happen when you go with this choice. Your secret remains private. I will keep my mouth mum. After you make the payment, I will let you continue on with your routine life and family as if nothing ever happened. You’ll make the payment through Bitcoins (if you don’t know this just search “how to buy bitcoins” in google)

Amount to be sent: $ 2200
BTC ADDRESS IS: 1CxJ3ZWnehzT8xgEoohMrDNqLvfYGemVzg
(It is cASe sensitive, copy and paste it)

Notice: You now have one day in order to make the payment. (I’ve a special pixel within this message, and at this moment I know that you’ve read this message). DO NOT TELL anybody what will you be transferring the bitcoin for or they may not sell it to you. The task to have bitcoins usually takes a short time so do not put it off. If I do not receive the BitCoin, I will send out your videotape to all of your contacts including family members, co-workers, and so forth. having said that, if I do get paid, I’ll destroy the videotape immediately. If you need proof, reply with “yes!” and I will certainly send your video to your 5 contacts. It is a non negotiable one time offer, thus kindly don’t ruin my time & yours by replying to this e mail. Let me remind you, my tracker is going to be tracking the actions you’re taking when you find yourself done reading this letter. Honestly, If you try to act smart then let me send your video to your members of your family, co-workers before your deadline.

What can you do if you receive this?

If you search about this blackmail email scam online, you will find that there is really not a lot to worry about if you receive a similar email. According to this post on Reddit, which is a bit similar to blackmail email scam forwarded to us, “you should report it as spam if it gets past your spam filter.”

Also, it is safer to change your password and keep it secure.

You can also share this information with your friends to help avoid getting scammed.

If you have received something like this, share it with us so we can all help create awareness about it.