Blackbough Swim: Fall in Love With Your Body with These Fun and Colorful Swimsuits!

For my whole life, I was terrified of showing off my body. I grew up in an all-girls school which, for a chubby teenager, meant I was susceptible to ridicule and embarrassment. I did everything to keep myself from being made fun of—and that included skipping swimming classes.

I lost a lot of weight when I grew older, but the way I viewed my body never really changed. I still hated the way it looked, and even if I started swimming again I still hid my body in one-piece suits.

But 2019 was the year I was going to change that. I promised myself that I was going to start loving my body—thunder thighs, appendectomy scars, flabby waist and all. And what better swimsuit to help me with that journey than Blackbough Swim?

Blackbough Swim, a locally-made brand with an international following, is a no-nonsense bikini you can wear while bumming around at the beach or wading in the pool.

What makes their bikinis stand out is that they just do—with all the vibrant colors and fun prints and different styles to choose from.

Blackbough Swim Bikinis

All their swimsuits are true to size; you can be confident that you’ll get what will fit you perfectly. They’re also double-lined to give you the utmost comfort!

Plus, you can mix and match the different styles of the tops and bottoms according to your preference and body shape.

Blackbough Swim Bikini

The Scarlet Top with Moderate Bottoms in Mango—simple, yet sexy and chic

Blackbough Swim makes sure that all its swimsuits are made with high quality super soft fabric. I loved using it during a hot day at the beach because it was so comfy and breathable, and dried down in no time!

Blackbough Swim Bikini

Easy clip-on-clip-off clasp at the back

Blackbough Swim definitely caters to beach babes and bikini lovers everywhere, but it’s also made for all women who are on a quest for self-love and being comfortable in their own skin. With different fun and colorful styles to choose from, you will find the perfect swimsuit for you.

Blackbough Swim

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