Black Sheep: A Non-Rebellious Fine Dining Course You Must Try

NOTE: Black Sheep has relocated to Makati – 2230 UPRC 1 Building, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati

When you hear the term black sheep, you may easily think of the word rebel. Referring to a child gone wild, an annoying officemate, or what-have-you, this term has somehow been tainted with a negative conforment. So, on the lovely night when we tried this new restaurant at Penthouse in W Fifth Building in BCG called Black Sheep, I wondered if their name reflects how they would serve their guests, fine dining-style.

Black Sheep BGC 17

Quiet and perfect for intimate dinners, the elegance of the place will set the mood for a relaxed and intimate dining experience. Also, there’s the view of the beautiful city lights from the top, which is a magnificent addition. This got me excited for the dinner that awaited us.

Black Sheep BGC 15

We were handed our menu for the night, personalized with our names.

Black Sheep BGC 1

Kwatro Kantos

To start, we had the Kwatro Kantos, a cocktail mix of gin, calamansi and honey. It also acts as a palate cleanser, so you can sip it after every course. I liked its honeyed sweetness that set a good beginning.

Black Sheep BGC 2

Sourdough and tocino bread with butter

This is one of their surprise items throughout dinner, so expect more in-between treats. The breads are soft and really good.

Black Sheep BGC 3

Chicken ‘n egg

For their “street” item, we had this dish, which resembles our well-loved balut. The egg shell contains a chicken ball with broth, served with quail egg with chicken skin and isaw-like siding. It’s their own version of kanto food. Read: The Dirty Dozen: Top 12 Must-Try Street Foods in Manila

Black Sheep BGC 5

Cucumber Basi

This was a refreshing drink after our first taste of the whole course. Though I’m not so fond of cucumber, I liked it nonetheless because it’s a drink that’s uniquely Black Sheep’s.

Black Sheep BGC 6


Their version of the traditional porridge of Filipinos. If we were so accustomed to rice and chicken broth and seasonings, this one has squid, cauliflower and crab fat in it. This is their offering for the “sea and river” part of the menu.

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