Black Friday Sale – Online on Cyber Monday

The Black Friday Sale is one of the most sought after shopping event in the US. It happens every Thanksgiving weekend and is just about the perfect time for everyone to do some early holiday shopping. Could you imagine how Filipinos would react if we had a sale THAT big here in the Philippines? We’d go crazy! …or maybe it’s just me? (haha) Well, we may not have stores that actually participate in the sale, but at least we can still grab the best bargains by simply going online from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

Though I’m sure you can find a lot of good deals on the internet, the best deals (because of the huge discounts) are usually in the electronic department.

1. Apple products

Rumor has it that Apple usually gives huge discounts during their one day only Black Friday Sale. If I were you, I would definitely take advantage of this.


2. Cameras

Though several cellphones already have their own built in cameras, I still feel that actually owning a camera is a whole different experience. If you’ve been holding out on purchasing that new DSLR or bridge camera, this might just be the perfect time.


3. Cellphones

Besides Apple phones, several cellphones are also going on sale for this special holiday weekend.


4. Laptops

Laptops have slowly become a necessity – especially for people like myself who need to bring my work wherever I go.

 Inspiron 15 Notebook Family5. CLOTHES!

I know I said most of the best deals are in the electronic department, and I’m sticking to that… but then again, I’m a girl. Clothes are my weakness! A lot of well known fashion brands go on sale as well during Black Friday! If you’re gonna buy it anyway, then save a few hundreds and buy in at the Black Friday Sale instead.


Where to find these awesome deals? Some websites I personally like to check are…, and

So When In Manila, prepare your credit cards or paypal accounts early ‘coz you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Black Friday Sale!

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