Black Canyon Coffee – More Than Just a Coffee Experience


When in Manila, take a drive down south and get more than just a coffee experience at Black Canyon Coffee.




Black Canyon Coffee

Spread Some Awesome at Black Canyon Coffee




Whether you dine inside the restaurant or choose to sip steaming coffee al fresco style, it wouldn’t matter because when the food and beverages are this good, location won’t even be an issue.




Coffee & Beverage Menu

Coffee & Beverage Menu




Food Menu

 Food Menu




Black Canyon Coffee, which is originally from Thailand and now spreading in Asia, opened its first store on our local shores in the middle of 2012. Though it came from Thailand, it does not strictly promote Thai-inspired food and beverages but it is more of a melting pot of various flavors. This is probably one of the few coffee shops in the country that does not only offer coffee and other caffeinated beverages, but serves full meals as well. Less than a year young, Black Canyon Coffee has already gained a good following despite it being far from the center of the metro.




We did not wait very long and we began our journey inside Black Canyon Coffee’s noms and drinks. First, we tried a few beverages. An eye-catching drink is the Cappuccino (PhP 110). This smooth and creamy hot coffee is topped with an artsy froth. If you are not amused with this leaf-topped froth, you can ask for another design and the barista will do his best to satisfy your whim. I tried to ask for a comic strip with thought bubbles, he is still working on it. 😉




Cappuccino 1




Cappuccino 2

Cappuccino (PhP 110)




Taking a sip of the Green Tea Glacier Frappe (PhP 135) brought me back to my recent trip in Japan. The taste of this cold tea topped with ice cream is real as a matcha tea drink can get. It transported me back to Japan and drinking it with eyes closed, I can see the cherry blossoms bloom.




Green Tea Glacier Frappe

Green Tea Glacier Frappe (PhP 135) 




Of course, since Black Canyon Coffee is a Thai food spot, I did not miss getting the Cha Thai Yen or Thai Iced Tea with Milk (PhP 80). This cold beverage is very similar with the iced milk tea I had in Bangkok. I did not notice any difference and yet I did not need to catch a plane to have a glass of this drink. It is very refreshing and for only 80 bucks, it really is a sweet, sweet drink.




Cha Thai Yen

Cha Thai Yen or Thai Iced Tea with Milk (PhP 80)




Perfect timing for dinner, we also tried their award-winning food fare. Thai-style Fried Noodle with Prawn or Pad Thai (194) is on top of the indulgence list. A winner of the Pad Thai World Championship, this is a must-try dish at Black Canyon Coffee. Though I did not know that there is such kind of a contest, I am just truly glad there is.




Pad Thai

Thai-style Fried Noodle with Prawn or Pad Thai (194) 




Another winner on the list is the Spicy Prawn Soup or Tom Yum Goong (PhP 230). Declared as the winner of the Tom Yum Thailand Championship, one sip of this hearty soup is not enough. It had large prawns immersed in the sea of sour and spicy broth. We declare this as a favorite at Black Canyon Coffee and a winner of our taste buds.




Tom Yum Goong

Spicy Prawn Soup or Tom Yum Goong ((PhP 230)




I am a huge fan of salmon so I also tried Black Canyon Coffee‘s Salmon Steak (PhP 292). This huge slab of succulent salmon meat is seasoned perfectly and served with fries and a symphony of veggies. Everything about it is what I like on a plate. 




Salmon Steak 1




Salmon Steak 2


 Salmon Steak (PhP 292)




Like a boss, food and drinks started coming out of the kitchen and on our table. We were joined by Miss Wilma Dy, owner of the Black Canyon Coffee franchise in the country. Thinking maybe we did not order enough, she still recommended that we try some more of their awesome stuff.




The Prawn Cakes (PhP 180) are heavenly fried creations from Black Canyon Coffee that is served with a sweet sauce. Slicing through this juicy cake reveals bits of prawn that gave a taste of the sea.




Prawn Cakes

 Prawn Cakes (PhP 180)




The Deep-Fried Sesame-Crusted served with Spicy Seafood Sauce (PhP 190) is a highly recommended dish. The tender and lush fillet is truly a-ok and the spicy sauce is not for the faint of heart. Make sure to have a glass of water nearby when you have this.




Deep-Fried Sesame-Crusted served with Spicy Seafood Sauce

Deep-Fried Sesame-Crusted served with Spicy Seafood Sauce (PhP 190)




An irony at dinner is to have breakfast food but the Green Curry Stir-Fried Rice with Tuna Stuffed in Omelette (PhP 208) at Black Canyon Coffee is something I would gladly have to experience the irony. This Thai dish appeared similar to the Japanese omurice, where stir-fried rice is enveloped by a thin sheet of omelette that is left open on top. Green curry is known for being really spicy but if you are not into that, you can ask them to tone it down a little.




Green Curry Stir-Fried Rice with Tuna Stuffed in Omelette




A sweet topping on our full meal is the Mocha Glacier Frappe (PhP 130). This is a great example of bitter and sweet colliding in perfect harmony. The ice cream placed on top is just a bonus. This makes me think that “scrap whipped cream, ice cream on coffee or tea is way better!”.




Mocha Glacier Frappe




After that filling meal, I have no regrets on taking an hour drive to Las Piñas. I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship with Black Canyon Coffee.




A drink from Paradise... Available on Earth

A drink from Paradise… Available on Earth




Special thanks to Miss Wilma Dy and the Black Canyon Coffee team for accommodating us. Looking forward to the opening of your new branch in the metro soon. Watch out for it guys!




Check out my personal story about Black Canyon Coffee here. There might be a quick giveaway there somewhere. 😉




When in Manila, coffee and more is served awesomely at Black Canyon Coffee.






Black Canyon Coffee



Ground Floor, SM Southmall,

1750 Las Piñas, Rizal, Philippines


Facebook: Black Canyon Coffee Philippines





Black Canyon Coffee – More Than Just a Coffee Experience