Bituon Crafts Showcases the Beauty of Handmade Filipino Products

I love accessories, in general; but accessories hit extra different when I know that they were made right here in the Philippines and when the brand behind them has a special mission to go with it.

Bituon was birthed in June 2019 from Andie Syyap’s desire to showcase Philippine-made artisanal products while using her skills as a photographer. What started out as a wire ring shop has now expanded into a brand that offers a wide array of accessories along with a few home essentials and some clothing items.

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Bituon is the Visayan or Bisaya word for star, which Andie chose as a little homage for the craftspeople that she works with (most of whom are from the Visayas area and speak Bisaya). Plus, the concept of stars in the sky adds to the romance of the brand, as well as lends it a feel-good vibe. All of the items in Bituon Crafts are named after stars and constellations in the sky.

Photo from Bituon Crafts

Andie works hand-in-hand with the craftsmen who make Bituon’s accessories, collaborating and brainstorming on which designs and colors to use for them. “It’s really quite an exciting process,” Andie raves, “from picking a color scheme to mixing and matching to planning the jewelry settings and designs! Then, I personally do all of the product styling and photography, as well as the brand marketing.” How heartwarming is that?

Photo from Bituon Crafts

The inspiration behind Bituon is supporting local products while showcasing creativity through Andie’s photography. Being able to support craftsmen and women and showcase their talent through this platform is what inspires her and helps keep her going. “Whenever I know I’m able to help a person and their family by supporting their work, it motivates me,” Andie explains. “My customers inspire me, too. Seeing their feedback, as well as their posts that highlight Bituon products, always puts a smile on my face.”

Photo from Bituon Crafts

Another thing that inspires her is the ability to use photography as a creative medium. “Being able to show the products in their true beauty through the power of photography really stimulates me,” she explains.

Photo from Bituon Crafts

Bituon’s accessories are perfect for women of all ages. No matter how old you are, you are sure to find something to your liking at this store. While they do have some unisex products available, they mostly cater to women at the moment. However, they do hope to release more items for men soon.

Photo from Bituon Crafts

“I’d like every Bituon customer to feel good about themselves – to shine, so to speak,” Andie adds. “I’d also like them to fall more in love with local crafts because we do have so much to offer. If my products help achieve all of that, in big or small ways, then that brings me great satisfaction.”

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