BitterGo Food Supplement: How It Helped Us Lower Sugar and Cholesterol Levels #ATestimonial

Gone are the days when heart attacks and stroke happen to elders only. With how stressful life is nowadays, people get sick and develop chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, regardless of age.


The number of patients every year is dramatically increasing. There are approximately 415 million diabetic people worldwide. In fact, in the Philippines alone, there are about 3 million recorded diabetic patients.

According to the report shared by The Diabetes Store (TDS), Philippines is a “hotspot” with 500 new Filipino Type 2 Diabetes rising every day. With that, it landed in the 8th position as the leading cause of death in the Philippines.

Just like any disease, diabetes and hypertension can happen to anyone – even for someone who has an active and healthy lifestyle. Why? These are the factors why a patient becomes high risk:

  • Hereditary – genes play the huge factor in obtaining diabetes and hypertension
  • Sedentary lifestyle – minimal exercise or activity can lead you to chronic diseases too.
  • Obesity – extra fats and pounds may give you high cholesterol and sugar levels.

With that said, my partner and I fall into the categories of hereditary, both on our parents’ side. Kamusta naman diba? But, yeah, we both acquired it due to hereditary and unhealthy lifestyle.

Interestingly, every time we hear about Diabetes, we cringe and we get scared of its complications. Diabetes, as we know it, is fatal and could lead to death if unmanaged. While everything we hear about it is correct, it’s manageable and sugar levels can be lowered too – thanks to the ONLY food supplement that drastically changed our lives – ATC Healthcare’s Bittergo.

Bitter go diabetes

Price: P7.50 per capsule. Available at Mercury Drug Store.

It was May of last year when I collapsed and woke up at the Emergency Room. It was because of my high triglyceride level, high uric acid, and then-boarder line diabetes. I was having chest pains and was literally sluggish to the point I couldn’t work anymore. When results came in, two things my cardiologist said: (1) Exercise and (2) Diet.

The Diabetes Store

In fact, he highly encouraged us to join Zumba and/or Yoga classes. (Taken at The Diabetes Store inside BF Homes, Paranaque)

However, instead of giving maintenance, my cardiologist challenged me to lower everything the natural way: exercise and proper food intake. He specifically asked me to add bitter melon or bitter gourd to my list of vegetables.


In my head: “no way!” I hate the taste and I never liked it before! Still, I went walking, cut down on sweets, carbs, and even my favorite Jollibee fried chicken!! (Not even breast part, dear! The saddest part of my life!)

Meanwhile, my partner has had hypertension for 3 years already. Again, he got it probably because of hereditary and his lifestyle in the US. He is already taking his maintenance pill, and for 3 years, his high blood pressure read 140/90, which is relatively high.

Since we want to postpone “til death do us part,” we decided to become healthier parents. We started walking (not regularly, though. Only when we aren’t tired from work), eating healthier food, although, we still call Mickey Dz and Jollibee if need be. We’re keeping it real.

Basically, we did what we were told to do so: exercise, healthy diet, and drink maintenance pills. And, with the blessing of our doctors, we added Bittergo to our daily health arsenal.


Left meds are for Mike: Twynsta (maintenance for hypertension), Fish Oil, Garlic, Vitamin E, Multivitamins, and Bittergo. While the rest are mine: Stresstabs, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, and Bittergo. (Screengrab from @notyourordinarymum IG account.)

Surprisingly, we had our annual checkup last month, and our doctors have seen significant changes in our test results!

Mike (my partner) used to take Twynsta 80/5, but because of Bittergo, proper exercise, and diet, his BP went down from 140/100 to 130/80. He was advised to lower his maintenance dosage to Twynsta 40/5! Although his BP isn’t normal yet, still it’s better than before!

As for me, I don’t take any maintenance pills yet, but I shall continue taking Bittergo, along with proper exercise and proper food intake, to normalize my cholesterol and sugar levels.

So, how does Bittergo help lower blood sugar and high blood pressure levels?

BitterGo by ATC Healthcare is an all-natural dietary food supplement that is made from Ampalaya Extract, Banaba Extract, and Luyang Dilaw Extract. As we all know, Ampalaya is a popular herbal remedy to lower the blood sugar levels for diabetic patients. Banaba, on the other hand, has high anti-oxidant levels, which helps lower blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and more.

Furthermore, Bittergo by ATC Healthcare is the only food supplement with Bawang Extract. Therefore, this extraordinary food supplement help lowers insulin levels, lowers blood sugar levels, aids in managing diabetes symptom and stimulates the pancreas, spleen, and liver to intensify absorption. Essentially, it works well with proper diet and exercise.

We’ve only been taking Bittergo for 4 months and it has already helped us achieve our goal: to have normal sugar and blood pressure levels. Bittergo is definitely a must-buy food supplement for you and your family!


Have you got tips to naturally lower cholesterol and sugar levels? We’d love to read them in the comments below!