Bite n Melt Offers Egg Tarts in a Wide Variety of Flavors, Including One with Pearls

I looooove egg tarts. However, I never knew that there were other flavors of egg tarts in the market until I came across Bite n Melt.

Bite n Melt Classic Egg Tarts

Photo from Bite n Melt

Bite n Melt started last April when the country was in lockdown and they realized how frustrating it was not to be able to satisfy their cravings for something sweet, crispy, and soft. That’s when they started baking different pastries. During the process, their egg tarts stood out the most among their close relatives and friends, who then insisted that they try selling them online. Two weeks later, they perfected the recipe and set out to do just that.

Bite n Melt Egg Tarts

Photo from Bite n Melt

A quick look at Bite n Melt’s social media accounts is sure to make you drool in an instant. What’s great about them is that their products actually live up to their photos. What you see is really what you get. In order to maintain a high-quality experience, they bake their products every day from scratch. The best part is that they don’t just offer the classic egg tarts that everybody loves; they have all sorts of flavors to make you love these sweet treats even more.

Bite n Melt Classic Egg Tarts 2

Photo from Bite n Melt

Bite n Melt’s classic egg tarts follow the recipe for the famous Portuguese egg tarts. However, as time passed by and their popularity grew, they decided to venture out and create unique flavors to add to their menu. Today, their flavored egg tarts are a huge hit – and it really is no wonder why. They offer a unique take on egg tarts in the best way possible.

Bite n Melt Mango Cheese Egg Tarts

Photo from Bite n Melt

Bite n Melt has cheese egg tarts and taro cheese egg tarts, but their previous bestseller was their mango cheese egg tart. Since a lot of people already love cheese and mangoes as it is, combining them into a single dessert was a great idea. However, they have since surpassed that idea with an even better one.

Bite n Melt Pearl Egg Tarts 2

Photo from Bite n Melt

That’s right! They incorporated pearls into their egg tarts to come up with what they believe to be the first pearl flavored egg tarts in the Philippines. As with other desserts that incorporate pearls, it may seem really strange at first. However, it actually works really well! In fact, it’s my personal favorite flavor from the bunch. The chewiness of the brown sugar pearls along with their egg tarts’ soft creamy custard is pure heaven! You need to try it for yourself!

How you eat the egg tarts is completely up to you, of course. If you like your egg tarts warm, just reheat them in the oven for 3 to 5 minutes. Personally, I prefer them at room temperature or even cold. Either way, they are DELICIOUS. Make sure to order some now!

Bite n Melt



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