BITE Contemporary Cuisine: Biting to Perfection!

Bite’s Kaldereta pot pie that was slow-cooked to perfection stole the limelight. Mind you, it was twice baked! The Kaldereta is one of the best that I had, proving that Kapampangan cooks it very well – my grandmother who’s also from Pampanga cooks delicious Kaldereta. The beef will just melt in your mouth, and the sauce is very flavorful. We won’t show you what it looks inside, it’s for you to find out!

Bite Contemporary Cuisine Mae Ilagan When In Manila-40SLOW COOKED KALDERETA POT PIE. Classic Pinoy favorite, baked in puff pastry – Php 350.00

For fish lovers, there’s Salmon Belly Laksa which Angel (our new Managing Editor) and I totally loved. The spiciness is just right. Angel, who lived in Thailand for a few years, said it wasn’t too spicy. Maybe you can ask them to make a little bit more spicy that would fit to your palate.

Bite Contemporary Cuisine Mae Ilagan When In Manila-34SALMON BELLY LAKSA. Micro tatsui, coconut, ginger, and shitake – Php 295.00

Another crowd-pleaser is Bite’s Crispy Tadyang, Davao Macadamia Kare-Kare. Mae and I made sure that the serving plate will be close to clean after dinner, and we almost did it. I didn’t know that we grow macadamia nuts in Davao, Chef Jam found a hidden gem in our country and made the best dish out of it. If you love Kare-Kare, this is a must try! I actually loved that the sauce is not too thick, and that you can actually taste the peanut component. Plus, the crispy tadyang is heavenly good!

Bite Contemporary Cuisine Mae Ilagan When In Manila-30CRISPY TADYANG, DAVAO MACADAMIA KARE-KARE. Farm vegetables, beef ribs, Pangasinan alamang – Php 295.00

So, what are you waiting for? Start your week right by heading over to Yakal Street and dine at BITE Contemporary Cuisine! It’s definitely worth trying with it’s affordable healthy and organic dishes. They also sell food products at the restaurant like healthy cookes, and the local version of Speculoos, Chocnut Butter.

Bite Contemporary Cuisine Mae Ilagan When In Manila-45Chef Jam showing us organic food products that they sell at Bite Contemporary Cuisine. I need to go back and have a jar of Chocnut Butter!



Glory Building, 7427 Yakal Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City

For reservations call: (02) 478 2659

Like them on Facebook: Bite Contemporary Cuisine


All photos by Mae Ilagan of

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BITE Contemporary Cuisine: Biting to Perfection!



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