Bistro Ravioli: Affordable Italian Meals for the Whole Family

Bistro Ravioli Glorietta 3

Bistro Ravioli: Where the Good Italian Food Reside

When in Manila, Italian restaurants are a dime a dozen. Delectable Italian food, however, is a different matter altogether. You’ll have to consider the price, the value for your money, the ambience and the taste just to be able to find that perfect place for your discriminating wallet and palate.


When it comes to delectable, there is a quaint little pizza-and-pasta place in MOA, Glorietta 3, and even Robinson’s Ermita that offers freshly made pasta, delicious brick-oven pizza and satisfying desserts. The place? It’s Bistro Ravioli, and the name itself suggests that they offer moderately priced meals without sacrificing quality and taste of the curiously unique Italian pasta.

They Don’t Scrimp on Taste!

The secret? The restaurant uses fresh, quality ingredients to ensure consistently awesome taste. Here are just a few of Bistro Ravioli‘s surprisingly simple yet delicious dishes:


Pizza Frita


Bistro Ravioli - Pizza Frita with Boursin Cheese and Salsa Dips



Bistro Ravioli‘s Pizza Frita consists of several fried pizza dough slices and your choice of either the boursin cheese and salsa as your dip. The boursin cheese is creamy, garlicky and has a hint of basil.



Pizza Frita with Salsa



The salsa has the right amount of acid to perfectly pair with the fried pizza dough. The dough is not too oily either.


Diablo Wings

3 pcs Php270

Bistro Ravioli Diablo Wings



The Diablo Wings are simply delicious. The dish comes with a special tartar sauce which blends well together with the spicy hot wings. The wings are crunchy on the outside and juicy yet surprisingly tasty on the inside. It’s still somehow way better than the double-fried chicken trending nowadays.


For someone who likes to eat uber-hot Malaysian dishes like me, I find the Diablo Wings to have the right amount of heat. So I wholeheartedly recommend this dish to those who are on the lookout for hot and spicy foods.


Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli with Pesto Sauce


Bistro Ravioli - Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli



The price is right. Each raviolo consists of light spinach and feta cheese filling sandwiched between two fresh pasta.

The pasta pillows are covered with tasty pomodoro sauce and topped with delicious pesto sauce.

Bistro Ravioli - Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli

Bistro Ravioli Inside

Bistro Ravioli - Ethel Merioles

Happy, happy, happy; there’s good food in my tummy!

Fennel Sausage Pizza


Bistro Ravioli - Fennel Sausage Pizza



Cooked inside a wood-burning brick oven, this Fennel Sausage pizza is delicious, comforting and very addicting. Fennel sausage bits are scattered around the pizza and mixes well with the generous layer of creamy mozzarella cheese.

A splattering of chili flakes livens up this dish.



Bistro Ravioli Fennel Sausage Up Close



Bistro Ravioli Fennel Sausage Pizza Slice

Delightful sausage bits swimming in a sea of creamy cheese



 Bistro Ravioli - Tiramisu

For the occasional sweet-toothed blogger like me, I call Bistro Ravioli’s tiramisu as the “Pièce de résistance”. This hearty dessert is made of seemingly contrasting layers of rum-soaked chiffon cake, mascarpone (Italian cream cheese) and shaved chocolate.

Bistro Ravioli Tiramisu Up Close

Bistro Ravioli Digging In

 Digging in!

Bistro Ravioli Tiramisu Layers

The tiramisu layers revealed!

Good Italian food does not come with a hefty price tag. And just as this article proves, you certainly don’t have to be a millionaire to please your taste buds when in Manila.

Bistro Ravioli Neon Sign

Bistro Ravioli

Take your whole family to any of these branches:

Bistro Ravioli Robinson’s Place Ermita
Second Floor, Midtown Wing
Telephone no.: (+63)922-8309869

Bistro Ravioli SM Mall of Asia (MOA)
Ground Floor, New Arcade (Hypermarket side)
Telephone no.: (+632)-804 0577

Bistro Ravioli Glorietta
Second Floor, Glorietta 3
Telephone no.: (+63)922-8878379

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Bistro Ravioli: Affordable Italian Meals for the Whole Family