Bisexuality in the Philippines Causing a Stir

The Philippines has been fairly open to the idea and understanding and acceptance of the existence of “Straight” and “Gay” ideals for some time now. In most cases there is even a drastic cultural separation between the two entitlements. There is a very defined difference in style of clothing and personality and lifestyle. There is even a Gay language, “Baklese.”

On the other hand, a sexual preference many may not be familiar with is that of the Bisexual.

There is a rising category that is starting to build strength and pride in the Philippine culture that is not as common.  “Bisexuals” blend in to the Straight culture seamlessly. But when discovered, they can find that they are not always believed or accepted as a real culture of their own right away. Bisexuals cause a ripple in the “REAL GIRL”, REAL MAN”, “GAY, “LADYBOY”, and “LESBIAN/TOMBOY” accepted categories. The real question is, “What category do they fit in??”

donnalyn bartolome ate aka big sister fulll movie bisexual filipina wheninmanila wim

Just recently, thanks to the mass availability and liberation of information, a.k.a the internet, have Filipinos been exposed to that fact that being bisexual is normal. That there are many others like themselves all over the world and even in their local community. And more recently, thanks to celebrities like Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus who celebrate their right to love anyone they desire, girl or boy, has bisexuality become more of a rising trend in the Philippine culture.

This inspired local Philippine stars like Donnalyn Bartolome to be openly bisexual and express her sexuality through her music and films and other art forms. In 2013, Donnalyn Bartolome, who was only 18 at the time, a “REAL GIRL” co-wrote a film called “ATE aka BIG SISTER” based on her real life that portrayed her love affairs with multiple other “REAL GIRLS”. She showed the world that there don’t have to be stereotypes and that love has no boundaries.



Even more recently she released an original song called “Huwag Siya” that has millions of views on youtube where she sings to a girl about the benefits of dating a bisexual girl over dating a boy.

Huwag Siya – Donnalyn Bartolome ft. Shehyee (Official Music Video with Lyrics)

 donnalyn bartolome ate aka big sister fulll movie bisexual filipina wheninmanila

donnalyn bartolome ate aka big sister fulll movie bisexual filipina

Researchers have found that a majority of the population has had some kind of bisexual experience or thoughts. And it is widely known that attraction has nothing to do with sex designation. REAL GIRLS admire other REAL GIRLS all the time, straight or bisexual. Attraction is attraction.

Other possible reasons for the rise in bisexual relationships is the lack of male partners and fear of premarital sex and pregnancy. No one wants to be alone and that leaves only a short list of options, find a foreigner, find a lesbian, find a girl or be alone. Also, many REAL GIRLS who have bisexual relationships while in college, eventually they will end up with a REAL MAN and never look back. This leads to evident that bisexual relationships could be a safe way to date and experience sex without the risk of pregnancy before they are ready.

In conclusion, the existance of “Bisexuality” is beginning to insert itself into being a part of the Philippine culture. And is one of the first real steps for Filipinos to accept the real emotional and sexual connections outside of the traditionally accepted stereotypes.