Biochemist Wins Beauty Pageant With A Science Demonstration For The Talent Portion

Camille Schrier, a pharmacy graduate student, earned the crown of Miss Virginia last June 22. She clinched the title after amazing the crowds and judges during the talent portion with an inventive science experiment. The next step for her is to compete in the Miss America pageant in hopes of representing the United States in Miss Universe 2020.

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The 23-year-old beauty queen was also awarded a $21,000 (Php 1.1 million) scholarship which she will put towards funding her graduate school fees. She is currently taking up a doctor of pharmacy program at the Virginia Commonwealth University after graduating as Cum Laude from Virginia Tech in 2018. 

24-year-old Biochemist wins the Miss Virginia pageant by performing a science experiment onstage as her talent.
by u/Sumit316 in pics

It seems her degrees in biochemistry and systems biology was the very edge she needed for beauty pageants. After doing some research on crowd-friendly science experiments Camille decided on the simple “elephant toothpaste” demonstration. It is essentially creating a fountain of foam through “the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide using potassium iodide as a catalyst.”

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The experiment has delivered two titles for the beauty queen: Miss Dominion in the regional pageant, and now Miss Virginia in the state pageant. She will now be taking a year’s break from graduate school in order to spread her advocacies of STEM education and drug safety during her reign.

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