Binibining Pilipinas International 2019 Patch Magtanong Hopes To Be “A Voice For The Voiceless”

Bea Patricia “Patch” Magtanong recently claimed two monumental achievements: passing the 2018 bar exam and winning the Binibining Pilipinas International crown. In fact, it was only days after she was crowned that the newest batch of bar passers took their oaths as lawyers at the Philippine International Convention Center.

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She is well aware of the significance of both feats, expressing to media after the ceremony:

I feel super blessed because not everyone has the chance to be a lawyer. And then I’m also Bb Pilipinas International. And I just feel like when you’re this blessed, you have to give back, you have to do something about it.

That’s why in my Q and A, I also highlighted Angelina Jolie because I really appreciated that she maximized the platform that she was given to be able of service to other people. That’s what I think when I was given the platform and being an attorney.

Now that I am a lawyer, I want to widen it to social justice, which I said previously. I want to be a voice for the voiceless and I want to speak out for the marginalized sectors as well.

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While both accomplishments are equally valuable to her and were both important goals she put a lot of work towards, she will be prioritizing the Miss International pageant taking place in Japan in the meantime. She explained: “For the time being, the legal profession will have to be put on hold because I want to concentrate on this dream of mine, which is to become a beauty queen.”

What advocacies do you hope for Patch to champion? 


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