Bimbop Along Padre Noval St. Has P300-Samgyeopsal And Other Student-Friendly Korean Food

It’s no secret that we Pinoys have become ADDICTED to everything K-stuff as of late — there’s K-Pop, K-Dramas, and of course, K-BBQ. Korean food has gone on to be such a hit that there have been so many Korean grill restaurants that have been popping up recently. We just can’t get enough of our samgyeopsal!

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However, students can’t always afford to spend at a Korean grill, or they may not even have the time.

So for our K-stuff loving students, no need to worry about where to get your Korean food fix! If you’re from UST or the nearby University Belt, Padre Noval St. (or P. Noval) has a new Korean food stop, Bimbop. It’s authentic Korean cuisine, at student-friendly prices.

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The owner, Mr. Roberto Rodriguez, has some intimate knowledge about Korean food.

He once worked in South Korea in 1991, where he was introduced to the wonders of Korean cuisine.

All of the recipes in the restaurant were made by him, which make use of authentic ingredients from Korea. His dishes stay faithful to the true Korean taste, and have pretty generous servings at affordable prices. Mr. Rodriguez even makes the fresh kimchi that is being served at Bimbop!

Here are some of our favorites at Bimbop:

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Samgyeopsal – P300

No need to search far and wide for samgyeopsal, because Bimbop offers samgyeopsal at the very affordable and sulit price of P300, for two! This already comes with two bowls of soup and two drinks. What I love about Bimbop’s samgyeopsal is that they’re very generous with their meat servings. We’re sure you and your partner will be stuffed by the end of the meal!

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Bibimbop – P150

Looking for a filling meal right before class, or after school is over? Their bibimbop is a bestseller, and it’s not hard to see why. Bimbop does not scrimp on the beef in the bibimbop, making sure that you’re getting heaps of meat in every spoonful. The toppings are also generously served and the flavor is there.

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Beef Bulgogi – P130

Beef lovers will really get a kick out of this one!

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Kimbop – P100

This kimbop is one of their most sulit items on the menu. Every mouthful is fresh, delicious, and will really fill you up. Best of all is it’s only P100!

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Ramyun – P100

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Left: Jajangmyun (P170) Right: Japchae (P15o)

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Shrimp Topokki – P150

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Udon Seaweed Soup – P100

Aside from the samgyeopsal, all of Bimbop’s dishes range from P100-150. Even if they’re priced lower than other Korean restaurants, what’s amazing about Bimbop is that quality is not sacrificed. The servings are always fair and the flavors will definitely please you.

Bimbop just opened in March yet the restaurant already has fans, mostly students from UST who head to the restaurant right after classes.

Live nearby the area? If you’re looking for a place to quickly satisfy your Korean food cravings, head on down to Bimbop along 1173 Crown Galleria P. Noval corner Dapitan Street, Sampaloc Manila.


1173 Crown Galleria P. Noval corner Dapitan Street, Sampaloc Manila

Open Monday to Saturday from 11AM-11PM