Bih-Zahr Bar Reminisces Rakrakan Festival with “Rakista Radio Volume 1: Rakrakan Festival ‘14” Album Launch

Tribo Subculture


Rakista Radio, in partnership with 12 Stone Records, successfully launched its first ever album with “Rakista Radio Volume 1: Rakrakan Festival” at Rakista Jam Tayo LXX last May 2 at Bih-Zahr Bar, Quezon City. Consisting the event’s lineup were nine performing bands at Rakrakan Festival 2014, eight of whom have tracks included in the compilation album.

Diachroma excitedly opened Rakista Jam Tayo LXX with their high-energy metal songs, performing “Change of Perspective,” their listed track in the Rakrakan Festival CD. Following them is post-hardcore band, Days of January, who finally “reunited” with their original vocalist, Mej Valencia. Their song “No One Knows about Shekainah” was certainly a great entry in the RF ’14 CD after receiving an overwhelming response from their audience last Saturday.

Meanwhile, Save Me Hollywood and Jejaview had awesome back to back performances, altering attendees’ moods from the previous two bands’ heavy music. In fact, Save Me Hollywood was more than pleased to play crowd favorites as fans chorused with them in most of their singles.

The atmosphere changed when Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus crew took the stage and brought their own unique blend of horror rock and theatrical show for the attendees. “Crooked Face” echoed in the whole bar with the synchronized vocals of Mr. Bones and their ecstatic crowd. 


Save Me Hollywood

Later that night, Tribo Subculture brought moshpits and head bangs at the front stage with their heavy and intense tribalcore music. The audience went crazy with the band’s performance, especially with Subculture’s eclectic musicianship characterized by insane guitar riffs and aggressive drumming that are perfectly complemented by the loud, thumping beats of djembes.

Maybe Thursday managed to keep the attendees awake later during the night with their upbeat pop-punk music, making the attendees rush to the front stage and start jumping again as they had at the start of the event. Saydie ended the night, but they also made the night louder and livelier with their performance. It was almost 2 o’clock in the morning but Saydiestas were still alive and kicking (literally) as they danced and sang along with Saydie’s hits.


Days of January


Thus, 6 hours of nonstop music defined a successful Rakrakan Festival ’14 album launch, all thanks to the supporters and attendees who made the event possible. The “Rakista Radio Volume 1: Rakrakan Festival ‘14” album will be available in all leading record stores nationwide soon, and includes 18 tracks from selected performing artists at Rakrakan Festival 2014.