Big Better Burgers, ‘Nuff Said.

When in Manila, you’ll never run out of food crazes. An example would be the ongoing food craze for the ramen. Other examples would be the food truck and the healthy food craze. BUT. Amidst all the food crazes, one food dish remains immortal, the burger.  


Allow me to expound my love for burgers. Unlike the ramen, burgers can be eaten anytime of the year regardless of the weather. They’re basically everywhere, no need to go to fancy restaurants or crowded malls just to search for them. You can even make them at home. Burgers will fill your tummy with all the goodness of bread, meat, vegetables and sauces all in one bite. Burgers can mend a bad day and even a broken heart. Burgers are forever.


The competition between different burger joints have two things to consider. Size and Taste. Others have competed differently by letting you personalize your own burger. But what if you already have a burger joint that satisfies both criteria? Yes, BIG BETTER BURGERS restaurant is what I’m talking about. 

Big Better Burgers Invading The South 11

The name really says it all. Big Better Burgers , ingenious.



Big Better Burgers has 13 branches all over Manila. I visited their branch in Waltermart Sucat to try three of their burgers. Sadly, I had a hard time choosing. All their burgers had at least two or three of my favorite sauces and ingredients. 

Big Better Burgers Invading The South 1

The most expensive burger only costs Php 209.

There are also burger rice meals to choose from. 



It was a tough decision but I (along with my friend Queenie) ended up ordering Big Better Burgers‘ Bacon BBQ, Three Cheese Explosion and Mushroom Loco. 

The Bacon BBQ burger has the perfect fuse of sweet BBQ sauce and smoky taste of the patty. The onions are perfectly cooked while the bacon’s crispy and salty self marries beautifully in your mouth. 

Big Better Burgers Invading The South 2

Big Better Burgers‘ Bacon BBQ Php 149/ Php 170



The Three Cheese Explosion burger is one of Big Better Burgers’ best sellers. Its simplicity of cheese and beef combination is a classic craving. 

Big Better Burgers Invading The South 3

Big Better Burgers‘ Three Cheese Explosion Phy 157/ Php 183 



Also one of Big Better Burgers’ best sellers, the Mushroom Loco burger , will make you drool just as the aroma of meat touches your nose. The taste of the special gravy and mushroom makes it my favorite from the bunch.

Big Better Burgers Invading The South 4

Big Better Burgers‘ Mushroom Loco Php 129/ Php 152



THE VERDICT: Big Better Burgers’ special buns are big and soft while their patties are perfectly grilled –juicy, tasty and smoky. A bite into their burgers will leave you closing your eyes in delight of the taste swirling in your tongue. The size, big and the taste, divine. You will not leave this place unsatisfied. 


Big Better Burgers also serve other dishes. Their menu offers fish, chicken, pasta, sides, dips and sundaes. 

Big Better Burgers Invading The South 5

 Big Better Burgers’ Skin-On Fries with Salsa Dip Php 80.

Warning: hot salsa



Big Better Burgers surprised me with their pasta dishes. Of course, still with those delicious burgers sitting on top of the al dente pasta. If you’d like to taste the burger patty in a different light, go ahead and try this one.

Big Better Burgers Invading The South 7

 Big Better Burgers Meatballs in Pesto Sauce Php 109



If by any chance you don’t eat beef, or just feel like trying something different, Big Better Burgers’ Fish Fillet Rice is a good option to try. The fish is crisp on the outside and moist inside. The tartar sauce is dreamy as well. Luckily, you can also taste this crispy fish fillet in a sandwich of the same price. 

Big Better Burgers Invading The South 8

Big Better Burgers Fish Fillet Rice Php 130 



Big Better Burgers Invading The South 6

Schedule a food trip in Big Better Burgers now!



Big Better Burgers Invading The South 9

Big Better Burgers Waltermart Sucat branch is open everyday, 10am- 9pm.



vBig Better Burgers Invading The South 12

Big Better Burgers welcomes all burger lovers to their humble abode!



Big Better Burgers Invading The South 10

That was one heck of a burger joint!



When in Manila, like their facebook page for more information on Big Better Burgers.





Big Better Burgers, ‘Nuff Said. 


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