Bicycle Tourism: online travel group set to “Bikepack” the Philippines in 82 months


One travel group is making a buzz on Facebook after announcing that it will bikepack the Philippines in 82 months, visiting 82 provinces and getting to know local tribes.

On September 29-30, 24-year-olds Ruffie Cruz and Faye Arceo would set off on a round-the-country cycling adventure with no exact route planned and with very little equipment on hand.

Cruz and Arceo, a real-life couple, founded Bisikleta Pilipinas on the 22nd of May 2017. Since then, the group has organized several tours promoting famous local destinations with volunteerism activities on the side.

“A lot of people are asking us ‘Why 82 provinces?’,” Cruz said. For the record, the Philippines only has 81 provinces.

“Well, we have included Metro Manila on our list,” Cruz clarified.

According to the founders, Metro Manila, despite its infamous traffic and pollution, carries a rich history and culture with it. Thus, the country’s capital city also deserves a spot in the upcoming expedition.

Trips will be scheduled every weekend of the month. On the other hand, Arceo explained the reason behind the 82-month project duration.

“Eighty-two months is a long time. But, we don’t want to rush this once in a lifetime road trip,” she said.

“We’d like to learn more about the rich Filipino culture as we enter their communities – their struggles, their triumphs, and their life stories. We need at least a month in every province to do that,” Arceo added.

Dubbed as ‘Two Wheels in One Country’, the expedition aims to show the world the things that make the Philippines beautiful. It dares to combat negative publicity and prove that the country is STILL safe, amazing, and welcoming.

The team will use the official #ThePhilippinesThatWeKnow – Beautiful places, Beautiful People. Aside from our world-class beaches, the founders believe that what makes the Philippines truly magnificent is us – Filipinos.

“We will be producing documentary videos per province,” Cruz revealed.

“Also, we will be publishing blogs featuring the provinces. Watch out for it!”

The Team

The group is led by real-life couple Ruffie and Faye. Ruffie is a former reporter of a national newspaper while Faye is a graduate of BS-Tourism in UP Diliman.

With them are fellow Pinoy biyaheros who are ready to travel with a deeper purpose. Every trip, two teams would be deployed: the Production Team and the Voluntourists Team.

The word “voluntourist” is derived from the words “volunteer” and “tourist.” Bisikleta Pilipinas efforts are focused on two areas: tourism and humanitarian service.

Aside from bringing something FOR the communities they’ll visit, the group will also do something WITH them. They could harvest rice with farmers in Mountain Province or spend a fishing day with locals in Zambales or do a tribal dance with the Mangyans in Mindoro.

“Expedition “Two Wheels in One Country” is actually a group effort. Bisikleta Pilipinas has partnered with various companies and individuals to make this project possible,” Ruffie said.

For the documentary videos, Bisikleta Pilipinas will be working with top-of-the-line camera teams TRNDSTTR Productions and Herma Orosa Photography.

Meanwhile, Ruffie and Faye would like to thank their corporate partners Pizza Yard, Pirates Bistro, McDonald’s, and Cake It Away.

“The idea of bikepacking 82 provinces in 82 months is a mad idea. Thank you for trusting us and believing in our concept. It’s a privilege to travel all over the Philippines with you as partners,” Faye told the media.

***For more information about Two Wheels in One Country, visit Bisikleta Pilipinas Facebook page and join their exclusive Facebook Group @Selfless Travelers. You may also reach them through or contact them via 09305761068.

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