Bianca Umali to Play a Leading Role in HBO’s “Halfworlds”

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For those who haven’t watched HBO Asia’s Halfworlds, here’s a reason for you to catch up:  its third season will be set in the Philippines and will feature Bianca Umali in a leading role.

Halfworlds is a dark fantasy series that shows how demons from Asian folklore live amongst humans. Its first season explored Jakarta, Indonesia, while its second offering is set in Bangkok, Thailand.

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The third season will follow Bianca as Alex, a “half-human and half-Engkanto who seeks to find the original source of a dwindling haven plant that will heal the Engkantos’ thirst for human flesh.”

It will be shot in the Philippines and will have eight episodes.

The season will be directed by Mikhail Red, who directed Birdshot and Eerie.

It will air on HBO GO and HBO in 2020.

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