Bianca Gonzalez on Fandom Rivalry: “The pressure… to trend is getting out of hand.”

Bianca Gonzalez

(Photo from @iamsuperbianca on Instagram)

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal recently addressed how rivalry among fans are “getting out of hand.” The actress-host elaborated on Twitter: “The pressure that some fans put on themselves to trend is getting out of hand. I hope they know that’s not what matters most.”

The tweet gained mixed reactions from netizens. One tweeted: “Why out of hand @iamsuperbianca? Kung show mo ba ang may million trends ganyan din kaya reaction mo?” [Rough Translation: “If your show had a million tweets, would you react this way, too?”]


Bianca Gonzalez 1

Although Mrs. Intal didn’t mention a particular tandem, fans of popular pair AlDub (Eat Bulaga’s kalyeserye love team made up of Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza) posted their thoughts on the issue.

@ObligedToWin responded: “@iamsuperbianca aldub’s tweets are real&organic compared to your soul-less retwets from PBB.”

Bianca Gonzalez 2

Bianca defended her “general” tweet: “Why are you defensive? I never EVER said Aldub tweets are not real. You have phenomenal numbers. Walang mali sa sinasabi ko.” [Rough Translation: “I didn’t say anything wrong.”]

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Bianca then clarified that she’s not specifically targeting a particular fandom.  She replied to another AlDub fan: “Sino ba nag-assume para sa Aldub fans ang tweet ko? Like I said, phenomenal ang numbers niyo. Wag defensive. Its for all fandoms.” [Rough Translation: Whoever assumed that my tweet was for Aldub fans? Like I said, your numbers are phenomenal. Don’t be defensive.]

The 32-year-old model further explained that “Its not about networks, its about young people being aware and balancing their real and online life.”

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However, Bianca’s tweet also gained some positive response from other AlDub fans. @giancocoy tweeted: “May nang aaway na naman na AlDub fans. Ngayon si @iamsuperbianca naman ang target. Remember guys, good vibes lang. #ALDUBThirdMonthsary” [Rough Translation: “Some AlDub fans are arguing with someone again. Now @iamsuperbianca is their target. Remember guys, only spread good vibes.”]

Bianca replied: “Salamat [Translation: Thank you] for seeing the point and being open minded that you aren’t being attacked.”

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