#beYOUnique: Inspiring Future HR Practitioners


BSBA-HRDM 4-6N encourages HR students to dare and stand-out as they witness the seminar: #beYOUnique this coming February 17, 2017 at C.M. Recto Hall, PUP Mabini Campus.


BSBA-HRDM 4-6N proudly presents “#beYOUnique: Sharpening the awareness of the modern HR Practitioners in gaining Competitive Advantage.” The seminar was formed to influence and inspire modern youth especially the modern “soon to be” HR Practitioners to bring out the capabilities they have and sharpen all the awareness that it takes in pursuance of performing great, possessing the characteristics present on each gem: resourceful, flexible, innovative, and risk-taker.

We believe that if one could claim and dare to be something else, he/ she will surely rise above and will stand out. Having the capability to accept the challenge will mean an awareness to stand competitively.

BSBA-HRDM 4-6N will surely be grateful to be part of witnessing hundreds of students in claiming to be different, in accepting to stand ahead, and in choosing to #beYOUnique.


        BSBA-HRDM 4-6N is a duly recognized and accredited section of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines under the College of Business Administration.

            Being candidates of graduation, organizing the said seminar is a partial requirement for their subject MANA 4123 (Seminar/ Workshop & Trends in Management).