Beyond the Parties: A Closer Look at Mindoro

Known for White Beach Puerto Galera, Mindoro is one of the go-to vacation spot of Filipinos and Foreigners. It is accessible by bus and boat, making it perfect for backpackers or those who just wants a quick vacation.

But Mindoro is so much more than that, being the 7th largest island in the Philippines, it is the home for beautiful beaches and farms. The province boasts of crops like bananas, lanzones, rambutan and coconuts. Mining of Marble and Copper is also a livelihood for the locals.

Aside from Puerto Galera, Mindoro nestles the world’s second-largest contiguous coral reef system which is the Apo Reef National Park. The beautiful place is the home its indigenous people or the Mangyans. Many of the Mangyans have changed with the times but there are some that kept true to their traditions.

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