Beware of These Alleged Pickpockets in Popular Mall

Beware of These Alleged Pickpockets in Popular Mall

These days, you can never be too careful, even if you’re in a crowded place. We’re usually warned to be careful of dark and empty places, but bad things can still happen to you even if you’re in a crowded location, like a mall.

Take for example this story shared on social media by Heddy O. This story took place in SM The Block on February 22, 2015. According to her:

I am with my boyfriend and we’re heading to the parking because the rest of my family was waiting for us to have dinner. On our way to the parking, we passed by in front of Tokyo Cafe and my boyfriend noticed two persons getting too close to me. One girl and one gay.

Suddenly, her boyfriend allegedly saw the gay man’s hand inside her bag and holding her phone. He tried to intervene.

When the two noticed that we are already aware, they quickly try to escape, but my boyfriend grabbed him at his wrist and asked me to call the security guards.

The culprit allegedly tried to escape, even going as far as scratching the boyfriend until his shirt was torn off. The four of them were then brought tot he CRS Office of SM.

But the two kept on denying and still managed to smile and laugh. The two already have records of “pick-pocket/salisi” cases.

The alleged pickpockets were then brought to the Quezon City Police Station 2 for formal filing of cases. The two were filed with physical injury and theft. Currently, the two are detained at the station and the case is ongoing.

Heddy shared the story on social media in case the two are bailed. She warned everyone to be vigilant and to always take care.


What do you think of the story? How can we protect ourselves? Share your thoughts below!

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