#BEWARE: New Recruitment Modus: “No Bag While Being Interviewed”: Applicants Robbed

Trending right now on social media is a post by Nez. She warns people of an alleged modus that a con artist who pretends to be a recruiter to lure candidates to apply for their legitimate company.

The modus is simple: You are told to leave your belongings with him as it is not allowed (especially phones) inside the recruitment hub.

Then, poof! Valuables especially high end smart phones are whisked away by this con artist.

Direct Quote:

This person (Enrico) is a previous trainee of C********* (our company) who went AWOL. He is now using his ID Badge to pose as a recruiter/employee to lure candidates and apply to our company. He would trick the applicants and tell them that bags/phones are not allowed inside the hub/recruitment and so applicants would leave their belongings to him. Only then would the applicants realize that they have been robbed.

Tried looking this person up and found out that he has been involved in a lot of scam cases. I hope this reaches out to all applicants and other BPOs. Beware and please report incidents right away.

Most people who shared the post are from the BPO industry. 

Wow, we hope you all stay vigilant through these times where scams like these are prevalent.

Have you experienced this modus first hand? Share your story to warn others as well!