SM e-Plus Card: Your Access to a Better and More Convenient Movie Watching Experience


One of this When in Manila correspondent’s favorite past times, like a lot of other Filipinos, is watching a movie. I love seeing a picture come alive in the big screen with a surround sound system in an enclosed, airconditioned room. I, however dislike long lines at the cinemas which is always present when there’s a really good movie showing on a weekend especially. Since I’m pretty sure a lot of peeps out there share my sentiments, allow me to bring you some great news from SM Cinemas!


Last April 11, I was able to attend SM Cinema’s launch of the e-Plus Card held at SM Megamall Cinema 3.  The e-Plus Card which stands for Entertainment, Privileges, Lifestyle, Upgrades and Surprises, is the movie junkie’s most convenient access to the movies. With the e-Plus Card, there’s no more need to fall in line to purchase tickets! By simply loading credits on your e-Plus prepaid card, either Php500 or Php1,000, you can head on over to the cinema of choice, insert your card and voila! Welcome to the movies! 


But that’s not all this nifty card is offering. The e-Plus Card can be upgraded to a loyalty card – for free I might add – and you can start earning loyalty points for every use at any SM Cinema and Snacktime branch which you can exchange for freebies at the e-Plus booths available in all SM Cinemas nationwide. On top of the reward point scheme, e-PLUS is loaded with VIP privileges, special promos like a 50% discount on select movies, seasonal offers, quarterly raffles and invites to exclusive events. Partner merchants have extended exclusive and exciting offerings to e-PLUS members. Special e-PLUS lanes for reloading are available at the cinema ticket booth. Snacktime treats for members include free upsize of drinks and meal credits for every Php500.00 or Php1000.00 reload.


 Upon signing up, cardholders can also start receiving movie and promo updates regularly both via SMS and email. In addition, they can have their own e-PLUS account through the e-PLUS page at the SM Cinema website. So are you already itching to get your hands on an e-Plus card? 


Simply go to any e-PLUS booth or visit the SM Cinema website ( and fill out the application form. Upon submission of the completed application form, cardholder has the option to avail the e-PLUS Starter Kit for only of P300.00. Starter kit includes a premium item, an automatic pass to a movie plus a large popcorn and a soda. Upon completion of registration and payment of the starter kit, the cardholder will receive a personalized e-PLUS card and a welcome SMS. As a bonus, by validating his or her mobile number, member gets a complimentary movie ticket for another movie of his or her choice on the next visit to SM Cinema.


Check it out. Here’s my e-Plus card:



I can’t wait to use this and soon! There’s that Marvel’s Avengers movie coming up in a couple of weeks. When in Manila, make your movie cinema experience even more enjoyable, get yourself an SM e-PLUS card, a first of its kind in the country, today!


 To learn more about the e-PLUS card, visit or call Customer Care Hotline 470-2222. 


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