Bestselling Milktea Place in Taiwan “Chachago” Opens First Shop in Philippines

Words by Bernice Danielle Castillo
Photos by Meghan Sevilla

One major thing that gets excited everyday is the prospect of drinking milk tea when the day ends. I am obsessed! And if you’re the same as me, you’re probably going to like this news.

Chachago, a renowned milk tea brand in Taiwan and Vietnam, finally opened its first branch here in the Philippines. If you’ve ever been to their other branches, you would know that the number of people queueing for their beverages is no joke! In fact, even as we arrived on their soft opening in Manila, milk tea lovers from around the Metro were already crowding and spazzing over Chachago’s drinks.

Here are a few of the drinks that we tried and liked.

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taro2Fresh Taro with Milk and Grass Jelly

Fresh Taro with Milk and Grass Jelly is one of their bestsellers! While I didn’t think that this combination would work at first, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience provided by the contrasting sweetness and texture of the taro and the grass jelly.


Pineapple Yakult

I will never forget how I managed to finish this drink within one minute and then wonder where the rest of the beverage went. It’s just that good!


Chachago Milk Tea with Grass Jelly

If you don’t feel like experimenting, they also offer the classic milk tea that we really loved. Not too sweet and not too bitter—just how I like my milk tea!


Matcha with Ice Cream

I would first like to say that I was not a fan of matcha. However, this drink converted me! It’s not sweet and powdery as most matcha drinks usually are, but rich and heavy. This means that they actually use real matcha! Out of all the drinks, this one is definitely my favorite. The heavenly blend of the sweet ice cream and the bitter matcha is simply a delightful experience for your tastebuds.


California Mixed Fruit Tea

This is also one of Chachago’s bestsellers. If you’re a lover of fruit teas, this drink is definitely for you.


Brown Sugar with Milk and Pearl

Last but not least, is Chachago’s famous brown sugar with milk and pearl. It’s delicious, but we also loved how it’s quite interactive, too. Watching the brown sugar mix with the milk when you turn it upside down is a fun sight!

So…how much does a cup cost in Chachago? Well, considering the fact that they import their ingredients all the way from Taiwan, not much. You could have your very own drink for only around P100-P150.

There are over 30 flavors you can choose from in Chachago. That way, you can truly experiment and see what drink really suits your taste. Plus, while at it, also try their delicious Taiwanese finger foods that you can munch on while sipping your favorite milk tea.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go to Chachago!


Scout Tobias Corner Scout Gandia Street, Laging Handa, Quezon City