14 Best Online Courses For Students

Since the world is facing changes and slightly transforming to a “new normal” after the 2020 pandemic break, the need for qualified graduates with education consistent with our era is getting even higher than in previous years. Remote learning is not a new phenomenon, but currently, it continues to draw more attention. Online courses are a perfect way to get proficient paper writing help, boost your knowledge, and get a certificate particularly without leaving your cozy house. As such, we’ve handpicked some of the top-notch online courses to consider:

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Coursera is one of the most well-known online platforms to provide remote learning. Among the disciplines that Coursera offers are psychology, history, art, project and construction management, and even the art of happiness.

The benefits of Coursera are countless, as it offers an opportunity to get a college-level education, completing courses created by proficient professors of world-known universities such as Hopkins, Stanford, Oxford, and more. 

LinkedIn Learning

Starting as a social network for business and recruiting, LinkedIn has grown into a powerful resource that offers many learning opportunities. You can choose from a wide range of disciplines that cover not only traditional business but also art and culture, design and architecture, and more. Opting for a three-month trial, you get free access to study.


One of the world’s recognized online teaching platforms focuses on upgrading company and employee knowledge. Udemy has already helped more than 30 million students lift their careers by obtaining numerous courses with qualified tutors and instructors’ professional help. 


Speaking about the reliable online resources that help boost your learning in various disciplines, we need to mention this superior writing service. Thousands of students who need professional paper writing help are opting for proficient writers’ assistance to relieve their stress. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, as one of the world-renown online course platforms, is a partner with numerous colleges. Students from all over the world utilize its perfectly shaped courses and user-friendly interface. The range of disciplines is also impressive – from history to IT.

Academic Earth

The platform features online college courses from recognized universities such as Dartmouth, Oxford, Hopkins, Stanford, Yale, and many others. Academic Earth offers disciplines in the fastest-growing fields, such as web development, informational systems, design, banking, marketing, communications, psychology, and numerous others.


This platform offers free coding courses that provide a brilliant opportunity for students who are still hesitating to opt for an IT education and dedicate their careers to computing. Codecademy is focusing on learning practical skills – you will be able to write simple code in Python, Ruby, Java, and others in the first weeks of studying. Fast feedback from proficient instructors and the opportunity to ask questions will make learning effective. Learn more about data science, web development, and other fields. 


FutureLearn is a free platform that offers different micro-credentials and short courses as well as full online degrees. FutureLearn allows learning modern and high-demand disciplines thoroughly for free in a remote mode: healthcare, law, study skills, literature, languages, mental health, and plenty more. 

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Stanford Online

Stanford Online is a recognized and reliable institution that helps students worldwide to boost their knowledge remotely, maintaining a high level. Anyone willing to get a certificate from this reputable university can apply to a chosen discipline online. 


This popular online resource offers courses for students, employees, and teachers who are willing to improve their skills and certification level. A wide range of available disciplines that are reachable for free makes this platform the right choice for students. Among the courses to learn at Alison are science, entrepreneurship, finance, languages, and many others. 


This platform focuses its learning courses for students on the informational technologies field. It will be helpful for those who are willing to succeed in data science and programming. Also, Udacity provides a specialized program that helps to develop a career in technologies.


The resource offers the ultimate opportunity to learn new skills, requiring only 20 minutes a day for studying. A wide range of classes guarantees that students will find something fascinating for effective self-development. Skillshare will help to learn art, history, lifestyle, design, moviemaking, and more.


Code is another website that provides a narrow range of disciplines focusing on professions connected to coding skills. As IT specialists remain in high demand, this platform is top-rated among modern students. Well-known companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others support the website. They have organized a free annual Hour of Code to involve more schoolchildren and students in the world of coding.

Open Culture

This perfect resource concentrates all of the leading online courses reachable on the Internet. Here, students can find numerous free online courses, even rare ones, as well as more than 1,000 videos with lectures from world-recognized high schools and universities. Also, the platform is easy to use.

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