We Found the Best Birthday “Cake” for Donut Lovers

When it’s your birthday, you want to eat whatever you want. Unfortunately, due to quarantine, there aren’t a lot of special places you can spend your special cheat day at anymore. Well, Buns & Bros now has special birthday cake-inspired artisan donuts to make anyone’s birthday extra special.

You might be familiar with Buns & Bros because they offer the ultimate burger experience. With creations like their bestselling Boss Burger, the Bomb, and B&B Salad Bowls; they have something for everyone. The most recent addition to the ultimate experience menu? The B&B Birthday Donut Cake! 

The Birthday Donut Cake

As a kid, I always wondered if I could have donuts as birthday cakes. Well, Buns & Bros basically made all of my 8-year old fantasies come true. Just looking at the stack of donuts made me giddy, and it isn’t even my birthday! It is the most extra stack of donuts I’ve ever seen.

The birthday donut cake includes a Vanilla Birthday Donut, a Chocolate Birthday Donut, and donut holes in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cinnamon Sugar. Their donuts are soft and airy with a rich frosting – a reason to celebrate in itself! My personal favorites are the chocolate ones. They ooze of richness with a crunch from the cookie crumble on top.

All of the flavors are the perfect combination of sweet and salty, making every bite decadent and every guest very happy. (Make sure to save a piece for yourself once everyone gets their share of donuts, by the way.)

The Ultimate Birthday Experience

The Birthday Donut Cake is a real showstopper. It offers a unique twist on the birthday cakes you have every year. It’s the ultimate step-up on your special day. It even comes with aesthetically pleasing candles that are borderline perfect. Surprise a sweet-toothed celebrant with their own donuts! Conversely, you can just get one delivered when you’re craving for a really flavorful dessert. It’s okay, we won’t judge you if you do. (I’d do it too.)

Add their handcrafted burgers to your spread, as well; they go really well with the donuts! 😉

Buns & Bros

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