Ben&Ben’s Paolo Benjamin: “Celebrate the Hard Work You Put In”


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Paolo Benjamin Guico shared some photos of himself on social media in swimwear and accompanied them with an inspiring caption.

The Ben&Ben vocalist wrote, “Celebrate the hard work you put in. Even if you feel like you have a long way to go, you’ve gone far already. Honor your progress, and don’t let anyone bring you down.”

Guico ended his caption with, “Rooting for you.”

The singer started his fitness journey before the pandemic. In a tweet in 2022, he wrote, “Today, I want to be vulnerable and share a major life achievement with you all. Yesterday, I hit my goal weight ever since I started this weight loss commitment right before the pandemic. A big part of that has been running.”

He also tweeted photos comparing his body before and after his fitness journey.

Guico wrote, “These pictures represent years of hard work and sacrifice. Today, I just wanted to celebrate this growth with all of you. Thanks for being there to cheer me on at my lowest moments. I hit my goal weight this week, finally.”

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