Ben&Ben Wrote Another New Song — And It’s Going to Be Their First International Single

Earlier last week, local band Ben&Ben announced that it is working on a new song while in quarantine. On Saturday, April 11, the band revealed that it wrote another new song—and it’s going to be their first international single!

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Photo from Ben&Ben

“We wrote ANOTHER new song for you. It is the band’s most favorite so far,” the wrote on a post. “Quite sad but hopeful. Mga feelings natin (It’s about our feelings) this quarantine.”

“It will be our first international single,” they added.

The post has garnered many reactions from fans online, all of whom are excited for these two songs to officially drop.

It has yet to be revealed what the title of the second song is and what it sounds like. Their first quarantine song, “nakikinig ka ba sa akin? (are you listening to me?),” was played acoustically by vocalist Paolo Benjamin on Twitter.

The band also discovered last week that it had risen to the 29th spot on the Billboard Social 50 chart, beating American rappers Doja Cat and Cardi B, KPOP group TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and more. “It’s our dream to share our music to a global audience one day,” Ben&Ben said about the news. “Let’s get there together!”

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