Ben&Ben Vocalist Posts Photo in Dress, Then Calls Out Derogatory Use of “Bakla”

Ben&Ben vocalist Paolo Guico took to Twitter to call out people who are still using the term “bakla (gay)” as an insult as he inspires fans and followers to be “comfortable in their own skin.”

The 26-year-old wrote in a series of tweets how Filipinos should respect all genders and never judge someone by their choice of clothing, especially when it doesn’t fit the gender norms.

“Never assume anyone’s gender based on the clothes they wear. Hay pilipinas, ang layo pa natin *sigh*,” he said. “Higit pa rito, mali ang mag-assume na ang isang bagay o gawain ay panlalaki o pambabae lamang. Kids, be free to be yourselves. Don’t let anyone bring you down.”

He then asked everyone to stop calling people “bakla (gay)” in a derogatory manner and expressed his support for the LGBTQ+ community.

“Panghuli, sana’y makamove-on na tayo bilang bansa sa paggamit ng “bakla” bilang insulto. As a heterosexual male, I may not be in the place to speak for them but, I will fiercely fight for our LGBT friends and listeners. You are valid, accepted and loved,” he wrote. “Pilipinas, let’s grow up!”

These tweets come after Paolo shared a photo of himself wearing a dress, inspiring everyone to “be comfy in [your] own skin.”

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