Ben&Ben Sings About Forgiveness and Closure in the New Song “The Ones We Once Loved”

Benben TOWOL The Ones We Once Loved

Photo / Ben&Ben

Ben&Ben recently released their new single “The Ones We Once Loved,” a quietly startling confessional that sounds emotionally impactful even in its apparent weightlessness. Written by Ben&Ben’s very own Paolo Benjamin, the track builds its staircase to somewhere personal and intimate, offering a unique perspective on love, forgiveness, and break up.

Watch the lyric video below:

Produced by Johnoy Danao and Jean Paul Verona, the song takes a deceptively stripped-down approach in terms of musicality, but is careful not to lose the earnestness that defined their recent hits. According to the folk-pop outfit, they wanted to keep the arrangement as bare and as transparent as possible while still maintaining a certain depth, weight, and storytelling within instrumentation.

A day before the lyric video’s premiere, Paolo Benjamin tweeted about the song, saying, “What a ride it’s been, pouring emotions out on this song. It is yours now.”

He said that he was “both excited and terrified to share it with you, as it is one of the most personal, and vulnerable songs I’ve ever written.”

He also shared, “my prayer is that if you are going through your own process right now, or there are unspoken feelings or thoughts you may still have, may this song help you through them. May you have the closure you search for, and the happiness you deserve.”

Read his whole message below:

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