Ben&Ben’s new song is inspired by this real-life story of unrequited love from a fan

Ben&Ben may have a new song coming for us soon! They recently shared on Twitter that a heartbreaking story from one of their fans was so deeply felt, they just had to write a song about it.

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YouTube user Anne Jou commented on their music video of Pagtingin, sharing her tale of unrequited love.

“I had a best friend during high school whom I liked but I never told him because I was scared of losing our friendship and also him, himself,” she starts.

“So instead of telling him what I actually felt, I hid and buried my feelings.

And you know what happens to feelings that are buried? They grow. The like I felt for him became love wherein I wrote poems, songs, and also books for him.”

“After 8 years, I attended his wedding last January,” she continues. “And guess what? The world is really overly-cruel. Before his wedding, he thanked me for being his best friend and told me that before he met the girl he got married to, he loved me for first. For 5 years.”

“But he was also scared of losing me so he just decided to keep it. I was shocked and I slightly had anger towards the world.

She makes the bittersweet conclusion: “We didn’t know that if only one of us dared to make a move, a lifetime was waiting for us. So people, while you can, please express how you really feel so that in the end you won’t regret anything.”

Ben&Ben have not disclosed any further details on the song, but you can bet we’ll be eagerly awaiting it.

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