Beloved music venue Route 196 closes down

What’s your favorite gig memory? Is it nodding along with strangers to great music? Or is it the feeling of being one with the songs being played? Either way, there’s nothing like a gig to get you energized. Sadly, one of the most iconic and beloved music venues, Route 196, has reached its unfortunate end. I personally have a ton of memories here and I’m so sure that hundreds of other people do, too.

Route 196, located in Katipunan, was the home for musicians and music enthusiasts alike. So it’s hard to see it go.

Read their farewell message below (along with a short video of the iconic Route 196 lights going out):[0]=68.ARBs9g31BzOYp2NeR9dQ_PvUQjl-WYAonqtL0eaIv5nEaOfKFN0q0Mfmvkx69_gs3cBcHLdd_nBIvAAeIyNau8EkyNoEVTUQqZkbZleptDeLgxJU82yhFCmmoCB3FRQYJV4UY2MPkA6G8Nv9n8lIk7djjjJmnQSWUhAEg0webepOIKw3ot7YeAT56R3hojcGlNngJB2PzhB045T9lkIKamSg4Bt03asm-uWw5UsDVqcjdlirXKja4EZeCiiWRsVm1gRgC-3T9dQ_d10py7VW3iGRNyWCPmA1JQKCoH5sKFKtJYW9hiqptM3G69RY_Iw5Kc_n68oklXejMbZD8u5l02vf5pZgkdc8w5I&__tn__=-R

Do you have any favorite Route memories? Maybe that’s where you first met your musician crush? Your jowa? Your best friend? Or maybe it’s just where you let yourself get lost in the sound? No matter what, Route will be missed.

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