Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Are Apparently Hanging Out Again

If you’ve been following the Selena Gomez-The Weeknd-Justin Bieber relationship drama the past few weeks, you know it’s been exhausting trying to keep up with these celebs and their dating woes. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more complicated, here comes another twist in the story: The Weeknd has been spotted hanging out again with his ex, model Bella Hadid!

The Weeknd Bella Hadid

While Selena Gomez and The Weeknd may have been one of the couples we loved to watch all throughout 2017, the two singers just called it quits a few weeks ago due to their busy and conflicting schedules. Not long after, though, Selena was spotted hanging out with her most high-profile ex, Justin Bieber, whom she’s had an on-and-off relationship with and surprise, they’re back together again.

Meanwhile, it looks like Abel is out to show Selena that two can play at the “ex” game after he was just spotted rushing out of Bella Hadid’s apartment, after “spending several hours” there, according to Elle.

When Selena and The Weeknd went public in February, Bella gave this honest comment:

“I’ll always respect him, and I’ll always love him. Sometimes you want to be sad about it or handle it differently, but at the end of the day, you never want to burn a bridge that you’ve fought so hard to build.”

Looks like Bella’s always held out love for The Weeknd after all.

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