Beer Pong to be Banned in BF Homes

Beer pong is a game that has been around for quite a while now, but in certain parts of the Metro, especially in BF Homes, the trend doesn’t look like it’s going to die down anytime soon.

Why do people love beer pong so much? Well, one student says she loves the game because she feels like it puts her in the spotlight whenever she plays, while another student says he does it mostly to socialise and meet people. Most people will agree that the main reason why beer pong rocks, though, is because it is, put simply, a ton of fun. No need to think of ways to spice up the conversation while drinking… in fact, no need to come up with conversations to fill up awkward silences, either… just play, drink, play and drink some more!

Of course, there’s always recognition and bragging rights to look forward to, too.

Beer Pong Ban

If you come from the South, you should know that practically every bar on BF Homes now offers beer pong to entice customers to spend more, drink more and stay out late more. (Watch our video on different beer pong players you’ll encounter in Manila here.) Unfortunately, all that is going to change from now on.

Amidst complaints of residents regarding underage drinkers in the South staying out late and spending all of their money on beer pong challenges and tournaments, beer pong will now be banned in every corner of the biggest subdivision in the Metro, including the outdoor areas of residences. This means no beer pong tournaments in your garage or clubhouse, either.

According to one mother, she believes that beer pong has taken up her son’s life, causing him to stay out late and completely ignore his studies without benefiting her son in any way.

“We completely understand the concern, but what about us? We make most of our revenue from beer pong games and find the ban completely unfair. In fact, we believe a lot of bars in BF Homes may close down once the ban sends all of our loyal customers to bars that are farther away,” says a bar owner in BF Homes. “The ban will not stop kids from playing beer pong if they want to play beer pong. Trust me.”

Beer Pong Ban

According to reports, the beer pong ban will begin in BF Homes and will be extended to other areas, including Taft, where teachers and parents have also complained about their students and kids “wasting their time on this silly pastime”.

Some BF Homes residents who are of legal age have already voiced out their complaints, stating that they have practiced their beer pong skills specifically to join beer pong tournaments in the South for cash prizes and, of course, free beer. After all, if you win a game in a beer pong challenge, the losers foot the bill. According to the unnamed residents, this has saved them a lot of money when going out to drink with their friends, causing them to fear a “sudden uprise in their drinking budgets”.

Are you an avid beer pong player? What are your thoughts on this? Will you miss beer pong if the ban reaches your area?

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