Beauty Queen Trainer Maggie Wilson Shares How Rachel Peters Can Win Miss Universe

Rachel Peters is currently in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for the 2017 Miss Universe competition, but does she have what it takes to bring back home the crown?

According to Maggie Wilson, absolutely!

In an interview with, Maggie Wilson, who is a former beauty queen and now a mentor to pageant aspirants, said that she knew that Rachel was always going to win from the moment she met her.

“When I first met her, she wasn’t even a candidate yet. But I already think she’s gonna win. When you meet someone like her, you’ll know right away. You can tell she’s a winner!”

Maggie did go on to become Rachel’s mentor before Rachel flew to the United States, and shared that the best strategy for Rachel to win Miss Universe is if she stays true to herself.

“For me, a true winner is someone who knows herself inside and out. That’s kind of like what I want to prepare in them. I wanna make sure their vision and their mind is clear – who they are and what they want.”

Do you think Rachel Peters stands a chance to win the Miss Universe crown? Let us know your thoughts!


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