On The Beauty of Calaguas and the Beauty of Strong Women

I see quite a few sweet messages on my Facebook timeline of friends who are in love and shouting it out to the world. We recently got a message from a woman named Lormie Policarpio, though, who shared a sweet message from her husband Ken with us. “I’m just really proud of what he wrote,” she said, “and I’d like him to be able to inspire other people.”

Read Ken’s sweet message here:

Like most women, Lormie was worried that getting knocked up and giving birth would change her body drastically. She even reminded me to tell the doctors to get her a bikini cut if she ends up getting a CS when she was pregnant.

I didn’t get to, because I wasn’t there for her the day she gave birth. I was living the single life somewhere else, and I realized that I never got around telling anyone this except my closest friends because I was ashamed of myself, or at least the person I was four years ago.

What I think I never got around telling even my closest friends is that Lormie was and is a strong human being. She has picked herself up countless times; she went through CS delivery on her own, and went back to the gym to prove to nobody but herself that if she puts her mind to it, she can do anything.

Last weekend, we finally got to go to her dream vacation; a lovely beach, white sand, and just an outstanding place to escape from the toxic world. I am posting this picture not only to show how beautiful Calaguas is, but also to pay tribute to all the strong women out there who can conquer anything when they put their mind to it. Yes, you are flawed, scarred like the World.

But the World is breathtaking, and so are you.

Calaguas and Strong Women

My heart is melting. <3 Do you have any sweet love letters you’d like to share with us? 🙂