Beauty Brand Mistakes Whoopi Goldberg For Oprah Winfrey In Oscars Tweet

Just before the internet was ablaze with scene-stealers from this year’s Academy Awards — Leo DiCaprio’s momentous win as Best Actor, Lady Gaga’s moving performance, and Chris Rock’s riveting speech, among others– netizens were buzzing about something else.

At the red carpet, a certain beauty brand decided to take notice of Oprah Winfrey’s tattooed chest…

Only, it wasn’t Oprah Winfrey. Instead, it was a photo of another respected Hollywood figure: Whoopi Goldberg! It seems that they didn’t realize their mistake immediately, as a lot had caught on the gaffe:

Two beautiful, venerated women who look nothing alike, yet someone manages to mix them up.

While the tweet has now been taken down, especially in the midst of Chris Rock’s rousing opening speech, this tweet will live in online infamy.

Thoughts on this? Were you able to catch the 2016 Oscars??


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