Beauty 101: These are the ABCs of Good Skin Care

Think you know everything about skin care and makeup? Well, think again.

Last September 3, some of the girls and I went to the first ever Belle De Jour Luxe Camp to attend their day-to-night makeup class. I thought the session was perfect for office girls like us, cause Metro beauty editor Ms. Charmagne Laconico was set to teach the 101 on how to go from office chick to off-duty glam.



Luckily, our girl Alessi was chosen to be the class’ model for the day! We were shown how to transform a daytime look (like light brown eyes and soft pink lips) to an #fotd perfect for a night out with friends (think smokey eyes so deep, you’ll get lost in them).


Voila! The finished look! I love how this look enhanced Alessi’s features. Don’t you agree? #BrowGameStrong


A group photo with the Charmagne Laconico.


Now, allow us to share with you an interesting part of the talk: The ABCs of good skin care!

A-void fatigue.


Did you know that 10PM to 2AM is the golden period for beauty sleep? It’s best to get some shut eye around this time of the night cause this is when the deepest and most regenerative kind of sleep occurs.

B-alanced diet is key.


Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Here’s a helpful tip: Drink a glass as soon as you wake up. Then drink at least 2 glasses every meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Finally, drink a glass at night before hitting the hay.

Remember the key nutrients: vitamin A, omega 3, and beta-carotene. Your body will thank you for it.

C-lean and protect the skin.


People with radiant skin appear more youthful, so we should really invest time in protecting our skin. It’s never too late to start using moisturizers and sun blocks, ladies!

More photos from the BDJ Camp:

There were a lot of discounted makeup at the BDJ beauty fair, featuring brands like Guerlain, Shisheido, and Elizabeth Arden.





Each participant was entitled to a free hand massage, too. Awesome!


And of course, it ain’t a beauty fair without a flash makeover booth!


We learned a lot about beauty in just one hour. Thanks for having us, Belle De Jour!


Photos by Alessi Brugada and Mariane Detera of


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